Calcio Storico 2019

Tradition has it that on Easter day, before the Scoppio del Carro, the draw is made for the matching of the matches between the 4 districts of Florence of the tournament of the Calcio Storico Fiorentino

This is the result of the 2019 draw held in Piazza Duomo.

Saturday, June 15, Rossi-Verdi dissatisfied

on Sunday 16 June Bianchi-Azzurri will meet

Immagine di Lulu Costel Dorneanu
Immagine di Lulu Costel Dorneanu

The final, as usual, will take place on June 24, the feast day of the patron saint of Florence, San Giovanni Battista.

The Bandierai of the Uffizi, will accompany the procession of the Florentine Republic through the streets of the city between the squares of Santa Maria Novella arriving in Piazza Santa Croce, place of the starting of the Florentine Historical Football and will perform on the “sabbione” (sand) before each event .