The Spring Tour of the Bandierai degli Uffizi: A Celebration of Florentine Traditions in America

The Spring Tour of the Bandierai degli Uffizi saw nine members engaged in performances during the semifinals of the Calcio Storico Fiorentino 2024.

First Stop: Springfield, Massachusetts

The Bandierai performed their first show in Springfield, Massachusetts, in front of the Italian community, at the historic former arsenal building.

The event was attended by Honorary Consul Paul Picknelly and the Consul General of Boston. The historic atmosphere of the Arsenal added solemnity to the performance.

Second Stop: Boston, Massachusetts

In Boston, the Bandierai performed at Northeastern University to celebrate the 78th anniversary of the Italian Republic, organized by the Boston Consulate.

The next day, we performed at Boston’s old port, a historic site where the statue of Columbus once stood.

Third Stop: Rose Tree Park, Philadelphia

At Rose Tree Park, Philadelphia, the Bandierai participated in the Italian-American Heritage Festival. The large audience participation made the event exciting.

Fourth Stop: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The final stop took place in Philadelphia, during the ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the twinning between Florence and Philadelphia. Consul Cristiana Mele was present.

The execution of the national anthems and a performance in front of City Hall concluded the tour splendidly.

The 2024 Spring Tour of the Bandierai degli Uffizi was a great success. We thank the Italian communities, the Consulates, and the local organizers for the warm welcome.

Our journey concluded with gratitude towards everyone and with enthusiasm for future engagements, continuing to spread Florentine traditions around the world.

The Mastery of Flags: Bandierai of the Uffizi at the Nice Carnival

In the heart of the Nice Carnival, the Bandierai degli Uffizi captured international attention with an extraordinary performance, our flag-wavers brought Florentine art and tradition to the promenade of the French Riviera, exceeding all expectations.

The Bandierai degli Uffizi, with mastery and dedication, have created a unique visual experience. Each movement of the flags told the story of centuries of tradition, giving the public an unforgettable vision of Italian culture.

The performance at the Nice Carnival highlighted not only the technical mastery of the Uffizi Bandierai but also their commitment to preserving Italy’s historical and cultural roots. The performance demonstrated the strength and beauty of Florentine traditions, keeping alive the passion for the ancient arts of flag-waving.

Thanks to Mr. Fulvio Trifelli and at the International Show Parade, as well as Marco Pucci for the photographs.

the Bandierai of the Uffizi