The Mastery of Flags: Bandierai of the Uffizi at the Nice Carnival

In the heart of the Nice Carnival, the Bandierai degli Uffizi captured international attention with an extraordinary performance, our flag-wavers brought Florentine art and tradition to the promenade of the French Riviera, exceeding all expectations.

The Bandierai degli Uffizi, with mastery and dedication, have created a unique visual experience. Each movement of the flags told the story of centuries of tradition, giving the public an unforgettable vision of Italian culture.

The performance at the Nice Carnival highlighted not only the technical mastery of the Uffizi Bandierai but also their commitment to preserving Italy’s historical and cultural roots. The performance demonstrated the strength and beauty of Florentine traditions, keeping alive the passion for the ancient arts of flag-waving.

Thanks to Mr. Fulvio Trifelli and at the International Show Parade, as well as Marco Pucci for the photographs.

the Bandierai of the Uffizi

Italian Week in Avignon – FRANCE

The Flag-Throwers of the Uffizi performed in Avignon during the inaugural ceremony of ‘Bella Italia en Avignon.’ Thanks to the Italian Cultural Institute in Marseille and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in France for making our presence possible.

(Italiano) 50 anni con BE-ART

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Bandierai group of the Uffizi, the Florentine company Be Art, strongly linked to the territory and the traditions of the city, has created with our pleasant pride a celebratory shirt dedicated to the group.

The shirt is available both online at this address and in BeArt stores.

A huge thank you to Alberto Bertini for this wonderful tribute.

the Bandierai degli Uffizi

SAN MARINO – 16th Medieval Days Edition

The Bandierai degli Uffizi took part in the 16th edition of the Medieval Days of San Marino, performing in the suggestive Cava dei Balestrieri.

An evocative and fascinating setting welcomed the evolution of the flags and the festive drums of the Florentine group, leaving the Cava with its nose up for the whole show.



the Bandierai degli Uffizi

Valreas FRANCE- 55° Lavender festival

The Bandierai of the Uffizi have been invited to participate in the 55th edition of the Lavender Course held in Valréas, in the French Provence.

Accompanied by the military drumming, the flag-wavers put on a show during the two evening parades in the town center and on the stage in front of the Town Hall during the evening of honor together with other participating groups from all over Europe.


the Bandierai degli Uffizi

(Italiano) Rugby 6 Nazioni tra Italia e Galles

We are proud to carry on this collaboration that has seen us engaged with the Italian Rugby Federation for more than twenty years. For the tenth time in our history, we performed for the national rugby team and on this occasion at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, before the match valid for the 6 Nations tournament between Italy and Wales.
On this occasion, the President of the FIR gave us an acknowledgment for 50 years of activity while the national team presented us with the official ball autographed by all the players.
I Bandierai degli Uffizi

Half a century for Florence

The wait is over and the first event of the year has finally begun.

The cutting of the ribbon carried out by Mayor Dario Nardella in the presence of the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani, the President of the City Council Luca Milani, the President of Calcio Storico Michele Pierguidi and the Director of the Parade of the Florentine Republic Filippo Giovannelli, was preceded by a performance of the Bandierai.

In fact, the “Bandierai degli Uffizi” exhibition was inaugurated on Saturday 18 February, created by the 3 curators appointed by the group: Massimo Marmugi, Claudio Manes Mariani and Gian-Luca Pasquini, who worked under the watchful wing of Captain Antonio Marrone to create a multi-dimensional project.

The first dimension is that of the meticulous reconstruction of the history of the group through a photographic repertoire chosen by the curators, accompanied year by year by historical events of the time.

The second dimension is the exhibition one with the possibility of admiring and even touching some instruments. There is the first drum from 1960 and the first flag from 1973. There are the clothes and a selection of prizes and awards obtained by the group in 50 years.

The third dimension is the multimedia one. Indeed, on the niches of the Sala d’Arme of Palazzo Vecchio are reproduced some contemporary and period videos, recent and black and white photos.

All inside a  minisite for the exhibition  HERE

In short, it is worth going to see the Bandierai exhibition!

Mostra “Mezzo Secolo per Firenze” – foto di Mauro Sani


I Bandierai degli Uffizi

Here is the 50th anniversary celebratory logo

Here we go, the countdown is over.

Here is the celebratory logo that we created for the 50th anniversary of the birth of the group.

This logo will accompany all the events of 2023.

But let’s start from the beginning. Who made it? one of our Junior flag-wavers who is studying at the Liceo Artistico in Florence, Cosimo Casciarri.

He was asked to highlight the figures of the group and to tell Florence through its main monuments.


Bandierai degli Uffizi festeggiano 50 anni – logo celebrativo 2023


I Bandierai degli Uffizi

47th Anniversary Gala NIAF Washington DC

The Bandierai degli Uffizi represented the Region of Honor 2023, Tuscany, at the 47th NIAF Gala in Washington DC in October 2022.

NAIF is the largest and most important Italian American Foundation in the United States.

So at a gala dinner with over 800 guests, our boys performed in front of an attentive and excited audience for having witnessed a historical, cultural and folkloristic tradition of our country.


Also present was the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani, who paid homage to the organizers with a reproduction of the statue of the Marzocco that the Bandierai degli Uffizi had brought to thank the president of the NIAF, Robert Allegrini.


Bandierai degli Uffizi